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What's in a Name?

DESCRIPTIONSoy Vay? Hoisin Garlic Glaze

The determinants of one’s demand for a product are covered in every introductory economics course. Independent of prices, my income and my general preferences, I also consider the cuteness of the product’s name.
Even though I wasn’t looking for a marinade, on a recent grocery shopping trip I bought a bottle of Soy Vay? hoisin garlic glaze. Not knowing anything about the quality of this product compared to its competitors, I figured why not reward those who created a clever product or company name? A while back, I did the same thing in another context, buying a six-pack of Arrogant Bastard? ale. In both cases, I have literally bought a package-the product and the name; and the package’s quality is enhanced by the clever name. I wonder what’s the very best example of a cute product name?