Explosive Climate-Change Video a Bit Too Explosive

The British environmental group 10:10, devoted to cutting carbon emissions 10 percent each year, created a message video that was a bit too explosive for its own good. The gist: any poor sap who fails to go along with the 10 percent cut, be it a schoolchild or a soccer star, is blown to smithereens. It’s been pulled from YouTube, and it has angered allies like Bill McKibben. The video can still be seen here; the bloodletting is graphic (if intended to be comical), so use your judgment before playing. [%comments]

Ian Kemmish

Unfortunately, 10:10 seems to be mostly fronted by celebrities and op-ed journalists who've only just switched to CFL light bulbs. If you're doing that, then it's easy to cut by 10% in one year (and I don't think they've even been gong that long). But I'm not sure that those of us who did the easy stuff way back in the 1990's figure much in their world view....


pretty nasty


This is so over the top that one has to wonder why nobody -writers, editors, sponsors, creative consultants, participants - thought it was a bad idea .... unless they really are callous to anything but an agenda. Most telling may be the behind-the-scenes production clip. The children seem oblivious to what is being suggested and delight in the fun while being exploited. One gore-covered boy says about the blood-spattered effects, "It's for a good cause." He appears already to be on the career-track of a bureaucrat or politician who knows better than his constituents and will make them do what's good for them. Chilling.


Well, at least we know exactly how they want ot deal with us. KILL EVERRYONE THAT DOESN'T AGREE. Well done, true colours are shown, but it is something every knows about the Eco Nuts already. Glad they finally commited it ot film for all to see.


I imagine the gratuitous gore was intended to stir up interest in their campaign.

YouTube banning it is just the icing on the cake, look at all this free publicity it's getting now.


Religious fanatics who threaten to kill people who don't share their faith.

Seems to fit the mold.


FYI: Youtube didn't ban it. 10:10 itself took it down.


Global warming....yawn


If you grew up with Monty Python and Spike Milligan then this is a hilarious video. I love it. If you didn't then you won't get it. To help may I suggest you look up youtube, Monty Python's "Salad Days", or the Knight fight in the Holy Grail or all manner of clips. God, can you all just get a sense of humour will you. It's not meant to be serious. Unless of course you think the Rabbit attacks in the Holy Grail was an attack on Christianity then there is nothing I can do to help you.

You most probably think that the parrot owner should of been offered a complete refund with no question as an example of excellent customers service.


I enjoy provocative commercials and arguments, but I don't think this one is getting the point across. The idea should be that if you don't combat climate change, you are killing yourself. Instead, the message I got was "climate change would be easy to take care of if we just killed everyone who doesn't agree with us."


Well, if you think overpopulation is the problem...

Drill-Baby-Drill Drill Team

Yes blowing up humans with explosives is abhorrent. And we are rightfully repulsed by even artificial special effects that simulate it.

But reality of Terrorism and IEDs has come to London, Paris, NYC, Moscow, Madrid, and Berlin.
Would that Extreme Islamic Terrorists were so condemned instead of imaginary eco terrorists with the same passion.
In the past 30 years, 95% of world wide terrorism comes from one source and it is not the Ecology movement.


Not a funny video at all. It was a message being sent to the non-believers; convert or die!

Idealists with agendas have begun to get real power in the UK. We should all be aware of what they are willing to do and combat them at every turn.


- 600 Spontaneous Wild Fires in Russia this summer.
- A drought destroyed wheat crop
- Pakistan flooded 20%
- Ice Sheet breakaway

That's why they call it "Global" warming.

What do you expect to happen if Southern and Western farmland gets hit with 600 wild fires in America?
A Shutdown of Coal and Tarsand.

It's time for the oil and coal industry to HEDGE into Green Technology. As much as 10% a year would be prudent.


"If you didn't then you won't get it."

It's not a matter of not "getting it." It's a matter of "getting it and understanding the underlying message that the creators didn't realize was really, really ugly, and still don't, even after it was pointed out to them."


Sorry, Woq, but you're the one missing it. There absolutely is no satirical component to the video. Monty Python sketches clearly send up the snobbish, the overbearing, the self-satisfied, the doltish. In this one, those blown up are meek, quite, and unassuming. Such are not pretentious enough to be the objects of satire. The are, however, the object of bullying.


It would have been funny if it were less graphic and had been aired on Saturday Night Live as a spoof on crazy climate activists. But it's very unfunny when it's though up by the crazy activists themselves and used to sell their agenda. In fact, it's highly disturbing in that context. The best way to convert someone to your point of view is with calm reason. But since that failed (due to the poor reasoning behind the theory) they now seek to attack nonbelievers with name calling, vile "humor," and even psychological "theories" about how the nonbelievers are crazy. This strategy pits one group against another, when nearly all of us want to work together to create a better, cleaner, richer and more just world. It's all a rather sad waste of human talent and effort.


A fine piece of eco-bigotry.


The difference between this and South Park or Monty Python is that when people blow up it's usually because of something they did or part of some sort of zany antic. This movie involves people targeting those who do not agree with their campaign. That's a threat.


The video has caused the corporate sponsors of 10:10 to drop. It has alienated many of their charitable donors. Dedicated members will want to put this behind them and carry on. but can an organization like this survive without growth? Other climate organizations are pursuing the same goals, and most are publicly condemning the video. Why would new members join an organization with this permanent and embarrassing flaw?