For a First Date, Wear Red

A new study, summarized in the BPS Research Digest, finds that when it comes to the color red, humans aren’t that different from chimps: they both love red. In the first study of the effects of color on actual human sexual attraction (as opposed to reported attraction), Daniela Niesta Kayser, Andrew J. Elliot, and Roger Feltman found that “when a lady wears red it prompts men to ask her more intimate questions and to sit closer to her.” The researchers conclude: “It appears that women would do well to wear a red shirt or dress when preparing for a date with a desirable man, and women may be particularly successful in online dating when they post a picture of themselves in red apparel.” Women aren’t the only ones who could benefit from a little red: another Kayser study found that “men wearing red were rated as more attractive and high-status by women.” [%comments]


I haven't read the full study yet but I guess it begs the question is red merely a general stimulant (the supposed red cars get stopped more hypothesis). I read that job applicants should wear blue during interviews, as it supposedly garners trust. Same with green, because it is a calming color.

Tyson F

It will be interesting if Palin and O'Donnel can reverse thousands of years of evolution.

I know I am imediately repulsed at the sight of a red jacket now

Drill-Baby-Drill Drill Team

First date? ..... I always wear a red cape every day.

Bobby G

I'll keep this in mind when I go on first dates with chimps (no offense ladies).

Lothario in NYC

Does wearing red work for men? Ummm....I should think so! I wore a red shirt on my first date with the woman who would eventually become my wife.

I wooed her, then successfully bedded her that night. She never even stood a chance.

Ian Kemmish

You failed to mention the proverbial red patent-leather stiletto heels....

Eric M. Jones

The Roman believed that keeping wounded people in rooms painted red with light filtered through red curtains would make the wounds heal without (or with much less) scarring.

Then again, red does not anger bulls, it angers cows. Bulsl get extremely angry when you confuse them with cows. You have to wonder.

Eduard Beckstein

"A new study..." that everybody else already wrote about back in September (just one of many: I thought blogs are supposed to be, like, all fast and stuff...


yes, red is a sacred color in far east countries like india, means TRIUMPH,COURAGE, is antifear,antianxiety color thats instills confidence in everyone.
HINDU CULTURE -red vermillion,red mark over head,red thread in dress of women in marriage. it is old concept which HINDUS found and west knew today


When I wear red, my wife complains about having to do a separate red laundry load. (Yes, I've offered to do my own laundry. I can apparently not be trusted with the technology.)


Red has often been a sign of power often used to accentuate the business and presidential scene. The Power ties used by men are often red to draw attention away from the blue and black suits. you can easily Google and find many examples of the red=power association.


Since this experiment has been proven accurate, it will be very likely that there will be an increase in the sales of red apparel. To prevent a shortage, clothing stores should either raise their prices, or the quantity supplied should increase. Through either of these options, an equilibrium will be reached. Though if the clothing companies don't find a way to make red clothing more efficiently, their best option is to raise the price so they have greater profit.

Eric M. Jones


So the Hindus invented red, huh? That's strange because I was sure my college roommate invented it in 1967.

Nate Lehnert

Is this perhaps why orangutans evolved to have their brightly colored hair?


I wonder if this concept applies to hair color as well?