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A Record Label That Believes in You

The record label Asthmatic Kitty is taking an interesting approach to the sale of Sufjan Steven‘s newest album, The Age of Adz. The label agreed to “allow” Amazon to sell the album, but is taking issue with the discounted price Amazon will offer the album for, and imploring customers to buy the album from alternative retailers. “[W]e personally feel that physical products like EP’s should sell for around $7 and full-length CD’s for around $10-12. We think digital EP’s should sell for around $5 and full-length digital albums for something like $8,” the label told Sufjan fans. “So you might wonder why we’d ‘allow’ Amazon to sell it for lower than that. There are several reasons why, but mostly? It’s because we believe in you. We trust you and in your ability to make your own choice.” What do you think, readers? How will Sufjan fans respond to Asthmatic Kitty’s request? (HT: Todd Werner) [%comments]