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Green Noise

Reusable grocery bags may be unsanitary but at least they’re quiet.
The same cannot be said for Frito Lay’s new environmentally friendly SunChips bag. The bag is so noisy that the company, after lots of consumer backlash (including Facebook campaigns), is ditching the effort. (My kids ate a bag of these chips in the car not long ago and it was so noisy I could barely drive. It wasn’t just loud, but a quality of loud that was impossible to ignore, like 100 little old ladies in the theater all uncrinkling their hard candies at once.)
Surely this doesn’t rank up there with bird-killing windmills (a relatively scarce occurrence), or the species-endangering Endangered Species Act. But I am guessing the SunChips affair is a harbinger of our increasingly green future. (HT: Jason Goede)