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Slowing Down to Increase Profits?

In the face of economic pressures and customer complaints about coffee quality, Starbucks has revised its drink-making guidelines for baristas: “Starbucks baristas are being told to stop making multiple drinks at the same time and focus instead on no more than two drinks at a time-starting a second one while finishing the first,” reports The Wall Street Journal. Other changes: baristas are to steam milk for each drink (rather than for several drinks at a time), rinse pitchers after each use, stay at the espresso bar and use only one espresso machine at a time. Starbucks says the changes will improve quality and efficiency, but baristas are skeptical. “While I’m blending a frappuccino, it doesn’t make sense to stand there and wait for the blender to finish running, because I could be making an iced tea at the same time,” says Tyler Swain, a barista in Omaha. Readers, do you think the changes will be good for business? [%comments]