The Anti-Piracy Campaign in Images

The piracy problem off the Horn of Africa has received less media attention in recent months, but the pirates are still going strong, and international efforts to combat the threat have increased. FP‘s new photoessay, “Pirate Hunting in the Gulf of Aden,” depicts the battle. The photoessay includes images of U.S. forces in September of 2010 preparing to retake the Magellan Star “after it was attacked and boarded by pirates … in the Gulf of Aden.” [%comments]


As any of the various Navy's created a "fake" container ship to draw the Pirates and welcome them with 50 Calibre Machine guns?

Justin James

Why don't companies like Blackwater rent out mercenaries (I mean, "security contractors") to shipping companies? I know some ports disallow ships to enter if they have armed folks about, so the way I'd do it is to have Blackwater have a floating base just offshore to get the guards on and off so the ships can enter port. I'd imagine that spending $50,000 to protect something like an oil tanker would be well worth it.



Great idea Justin! Piracy is just so juvenile! What is this, 1735? Why can't people just be honest people?


Just sink a tanker in their harbor or in front of it and have the oil spill close their business down for the next decade or so.


Piracy has historically been supressed by eliminating their bases. It's hard to wander the whole Indian ocean watching for pirates, but you can zero in on the small area where their bases are.


This sounds similar to the drug wars. Sure contain the pirates, but why are the pirating? If my family was starving and I had no possibility of legitimate income and war/tribal lords were the only system of government and violence was the norm, then piracy would be a viable option.

joeli bacsi

This is such a wonderful story. All the navies of the
world and the pirates are still winning! Go Pirates!