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Baffled By Potential Tax Changes? Us Too. So Bring Your Questions for a Tax Expert

It’s shaping up to be a most interesting year on the tax front. A recent Freakonomics quorum focused on potential tax-policy mistakes that might be made this year, with so many issues up in the air. It brought up concerns about everything from expiring tax cuts to the federal deficit to the lack of clarity surrounding even this year’s tax code.
So here’s your chance to get a little bit of clarity: Michael F. Mundaca, the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy, has agreed to field questions from Freakonomics readers. Mundaca’s primary duty is to “advise[s] the Secretary on all aspects of Federal tax policies and programs, including their development and implementation.” Mundaca also served in the Treasury Department during the Clinton and Bush administrations, and was a partner at Ernst & Young in Washington, D.C.
Post your questions in the comments section below and, as always, we’ll post his answers in short course.