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What Will San Francisco Ban Next?

I keep thinking the headlines are from The Onion but they are not. First we read that San Francisco has effectively banned the Happy Meal. Then we learn of a new law that bans people from sitting or lying on city sidewalks from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. (known, naturally, as the “sit/lie law”). Some months ago, the city’s Commission of Animal Control and Welfare proposed banning the sale of any pets other than fish, but that measure has apparently been tabled. (For now?)
I cannot wait to see what San Francisco comes up with next. Will it ban eating with your mouth open? Will it criminalize jogging too slow (or perhaps too fast)? Will it require all males between 16 and 40 to grow their hair in the style of Tim Lincecum?
Maybe it will ban earthquakes?
I would love to hear your proposals, especially if you live in the area.