Visualizing Mortality History

Hans Rosling, a guru of data animation, is at it again. Here is a very cool video showing 200 years of mortality/wealth progress in just four minutes:

(HT: Peter Siegelman)

Jay B

I'm also with Scooter. One, the range of values is not large enough. What about the outliers on the age. Does the octagenarian population have any effect? The other is; is $400 a good starting place for "wealth"? Wouldn't some sort of adjusted CPI work better?

How the values for the axis need to be explained.


I can't see flash. Is this on YouTube?


Would love to see a comparative presentation of data on the changes in viability of different ecosystems, water quality and availability, species extinctions, air quality, etc.

Angel MEG

I hope to see more fantastic, educational and inspiring videos like this in the future! Kudos! ^_^


Was this done using Tableau?


It looks like JMP 9.


Ashley, the video posted is a youtube video, and youtube videos are flash anyway, so if you can't view flash, you wouldn't be able to see the embedded video here or at the youtube website. Here's the URL to the video anyway:

Chris Noonan

This is great.

I am not sure if it is possible, but is there anyway we could have access to the graphic...I would love to inspect which countries are represented and compare their growth rates or falls to historical events.


Dick Brandlon

What about $400,000? How about $4,000,000? They're the ones who can afford to live longer.......



you can download the animation from his website:

Mike B

This looks like the same statistics they use to sell life insurance and stocks. " the market will go up and up ... you will live forever" . Don't be an optimist, don't be a pessimist, be a realist. Nothing lasts forever not boom or bust. In the 1950s they thought the world could not feed the 3 billion population - then came big-time chemical solutions. Now we are suffering the results of the chemicals with 6-7 billion in population. This bubble will burst as well. More is not necessarily better.

Gordon Farnsworth

Very interesting graphic demostration of the World's progess on a per country basis. But not altogether accurate. Due to the wealth gaps(rich vs poor) within individual countries and the large impact the mega-rich have on the perceived wealth of all within those countries, this doesn't necessarily show the progress of ountries themselves. How, for example, are those casts within India faring. Or the lower income, middle class and obscenely rich in the US compare as sub groups rather than provinces on this display. Wealth is an interesting measurement, but as only a few are wealthy, it isn't a realistic measure. Until the income gap begin narrowing and those that are in the wealthiest group come to grips with realistic income and need vs hording, we've a long way to go ...

Amir Gohar

Very Educating Clip and FANTASTIC use of statistics....


Wonderful presentation of facts...very educational too


Why would he plot the averages, rather than the IQR? You would think he would know how skewed averages can be, being a data analyst.