Putting Together a "World Baby"

Tamara Audi and Arlene Chang of the Wall Street Journal dissect the global baby industry, which is growing thanks to increasingly restrictive international adoption laws. “Prospective parents put off by the rigor of traditional adoptions are bypassing that system by producing babies of their own-often using an egg donor from one country, a sperm donor from another, and a surrogate who will deliver in a third country to make what some industry participants call ‘a world baby,'” they write. The process is controversial, not to mention legally complicated: “The potential for abuse on many levels is big,” says Arthur Caplan of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. “You’re straddling all these [international] boundaries to buy the ingredients and the equipment.” [%comments]



Eric M. Jones

My only complain regarding this sort of thing is the loss of rarer species, like green-eyed redheads and blondes with blue eyes, and Albion-white hazel-eyed raven haired people.. We need to preserve those characteristics, but I'll bet there will be a pill for it soon.

But coffee-colored almond-eyed people are just fine.

Sounds good.

Carol Anne

There are far too many people in the world already. We don't need more, however they are designed and bought.


Is making babies by having sex going out of fashion in the developed world? First Bryan Caplan with all his cloning talk, now this.


Anyone else notice that the line breaks in the paragraph of the display of the full blog post ends a line with "dissect the global baby" ?

That got my attention.


Ironic to think of how much money (not to mention effort) I and various female friends (some of international persuasions) have spent over the years on ensuring that we didn't do what these people are spending money to do.


"At 12 weeks into the pregnancies, Mr. Aki and his husband decided to abort two of the fetuses, one from each woman."

Finally something pro-choice and pro-life sides can agree on, no one should be able to force a woman to have an abortion.

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My cousin and his wife were trying to adopt two children from another country because she could not get pregnant but the adoption process was unbelievable! They went through tons and tons of red tape and the costs continued to mount! That is why so many good parents are lost in the process and have to turn to processes such as this.... "designing" their own baby.