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Ask Your Freakonomics Questions

The Freakonomics Radio beast never sleeps. It wants to be fed, always, more and more. So it has come to this: if you write in your questions in the comments section below, we will answer them — in our podcast! (If you subscribe at iTunes — it’s currently a Top 5 podcast — every new episode will magically arrive in your sleep.) Ask whatever you want of Levitt, me, or the both of us. It may have to do with what we’ve written in the books or the blog or elsewhere. Maybe you want to know how Levitt first thought of the abortion/crime link, or what kind of blackjack player he is, or how he goes about selecting a bottle of wine to bring to a holiday party. We tried this once before, when our publisher wanted to add a Q&A to the paperback edition of Freakonomics, and you all did great. Let’s see if you’ve still got the goods.