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Economics Reading for the Kids

If you’re looking for ways to expose your kids to economics at an early age, Yana van der Meulen Rodgers, director of the Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children, has some suggestions. They are mostly picture books, geared toward children ages five to ten. Her recommendations include Cloud Tea Monkeys, Those Shoes, Violet the Pilot, Beatrice’s Goat and Sanji and the Baker. “[T]hat’s part of the idea behind this project I’m involved with – to teach children while they’re young about economic concepts and to get them to be familiar at an early age with the economic world around them,” says van der Meulen Rodgers. “Also, not to be scared of economics – many of us, as adults, don’t like that word. But, if kids grow up very familiar with some of these economics ideas in a comfortable context, what better thing is there?” (HT: Greg Mankiw) [%comments]