Inside a Religious Movement

A new Foreign Policy photoessay takes a look at the secretive, Bangkok-based Dhammakaya movement. The photos, taken over a year by photographer Luke Duggleby, depict a movement characterized by: “millions of followers gathering around a central shrine that looks like a giant UFO in elaborately choreographed Nuremberg-style rallies; missionary outposts in 31 countries from Germany to the Democratic Republic of the Congo; an evangelist vision that seeks to promote a ‘world morality restoration project’; and a V-Star program that encourages hundreds of thousands of children to improve ‘positive moral behavior.'” [%comments]

Eric M. Jones

Almost a weird as Catholics or Mormons, but their foundations are probably more rational and less violent.


I think you should have used "cult" as the linked article did. Calling it a movement gives it legitimacy no pseudoscience deserves.


"world morality restoration project"

Every generation seems convinced it has reached the nadir of morality. Meanwhile wars are probably fewer and less bloody than ever before! To restore morality would be to believe it used to be higher, which I doubt.


What are they secretive about?


Whose morality is being restored? Why does it need restoration?

In the USA politics demands amorality from from its practitioners who also discard ethics and personal integrity. Such notions inhibit the pursuit of wealth and power and disturb those who supply the funds needed to achieve office.


Religion, Cult, what's the difference?


@dan what legitimacy does any religious belief deserve?

show me a religion that is based on provable facts, and i will call it legitimate. otherwise, it's all just tooth fairy nonsense.