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Calling All Economists: What's Not to Be Missed at the AEA?

I will be attending the Annual Meeting of the American Economics Association in Denver this weekend and, if all goes according to plan, live-blogging it here (as well as fishing for ideas for future writing, radio, etc).
The program of panels and events is astonishingly large and varied, from a panel on “The Economics of the Organic Food System” to “Incentive Compensation” to “What Economics Needs: Past and Future.”
There are far, far, far more discussions than any one person could attend — in fact, you’d need a crew of about 60 people to take in all the events, given that so many happen simultaneously.
So I am asking for your help: what and who are the must-sees at this year’s AEA? Please leave your comments below. Feel free to promote your own paper or panel, or that of your colleague or co-author or even spouse (you can of course be anonymous in the comments section). And if you’re in attendance and see me wandering about, please come up and say hello.