Contest: What Do the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers Have in Common?

I mean beside the fact they’re both playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, or that they’ve both won a bunch of NFL championships, or that they’ve both reached the Super Bowl in recent years as a No. 6 seed. There may be lots of other commonalities I’m not thinking of, but whoever is first to give the answer I am thinking of will get his/her choice of Freakonomics swag, which now includes the just-released Freakonomics movie DVD and a movie poster. I don’t think the question is that hard but if you end up needing a hint, I’ll give one in a followup post.


They are both named for industries.

That's my thought.


They both have yellow uniforms.


Neither of them has cheerleaders.


No cheerleaders


No cheerleaders? Cold climate performance? Capital "p"s?

Jill Siegfried

Neither team has cheerleaders and both hace a large number of female fans

Chris Murphy

They both do not have cheerleaders


Neither team has cheerleaders?

Mike Mirza

Both of their mascots are based on local industries.


Both named after industries that were popular in hometown, but are now dead.

Both have gold as part of team colors.

Gonçalo Amorim

No cheerleaders!


both named after local industries that aren't doing so well anymore


They both wear yellow pants.


they both have yellow/gold in their colors. WINNER!

ML Kennedy

They both wear yellow and represent dead industries.


They don't have cheerleaders

Michael Larkin

They're both founding members of the NFL.


Neither team has a cheeleading squad. This will be the first Super Bowl without cheerleaders on the sideline in a very long time (perhaps the first ever?).


Neither team has cheerleaders.


The top two teams in rush yards allowed per game.