One of the Top Financial Blogs?

Thanks to for naming this blog one of the top “financial” blogs — and the nice writeup from the Wall Street Journal‘s Robert Frank — but we didn’t know that we’re a financial blog! In fact, if you were looking to make sense of the financial mess of the past few years, reading this blog would have been a serious waste of time (except for the stray guest posts by Messrs. Diamond and Kashyap and Fishback). On the other hand, we placed only No. 5 on the best-blogs list — whereas in past years, ranked us No. 6 and No. 8 overall. So it would appear we are fading fast …

Eric M. Jones

Don't you find this worrisome?

It's fine that you are getting noticed, but that a serious financial commenter thinks Freakonomics is an important financial information source...that worries me.

Patrick T

Yea, but who says these "professionals" know much of anything anyways.

bank vega

yea agree with you,


i can say “professionals” know much of anything anyways