The Sportswriter Is a Pimp

Photo: iStockphoto

Things have been rough in the journalism business of late — so rough that one veteran sportswriter felt he had to pursue an alternate career.  “An award-winning sportswriter has pleaded guilty to running a prostitution operation, saying he needed the extra money to make up for a pay cut because of the downturn in the newspaper business,” reports William Ketter for the CNHI News Service. Kevin Provencher worked as a sportswriter for the Union Leader in Manchester, New Hampshire for 23 years before being arrested in 2009.  Although his attorney asked for probation only, Provencher was “sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison and fined $5,000 on the prostitution charges and also for intimidating one of his hookers from testifying against him.”

Carl Natale

What if the NYT used this business model? Would the first 20 visits be free?