How Is a Colonoscopy Like a Boring Soccer Match?

Photo: Thomas Northcut

A reader named Florian Kern writes from Germany:

I was listening the other day to your very interesting podcast on memory and pain. Yesterday, then, I watched the incredibly boring soccer game between Germany and Kazakhstan. This is where I realized that soccer is a bit like the study you were discussing in your podcast on the decisive last five painful minutes in colonoscopies: while Germany shot three goals in the first half, the second half was so bad that people started to boo and continued untiiiiiiiillll….. Germany scored in the last minute, and everybody was happy ;-).


I suggest a poll: All those who would rather have a colonoscopy than watch a boring soccer match raise their hands.


Mememe! I hate football (soccer - get outa here, that's not what it's called). In fact, if the two was combined I'd probably be happy that the colonoscopy took my mind off the football match. :-)


Soccer is actually a perfectly correct *British* designation that distinguishes the game played by the Football A*socc*iation rules from the game played by the rules of the Rugby Football Union.

Depends on who is playing, and who is watching!!

Mike B

There are soccer matches that aren't boring?


Australia beat Germany 2-1 overnight in an international friendly match. The winning goal was a from a penalty where the socceroo penality taker, Luke Whiltshire shot straight down the middle.

Wonder if Luke listened to the freakanomics podcast on game theory and penalty kicks?