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A Freakonomics Contest: Odds of Same City Teams in NCAA Sweet 16

Photo: iStockphoto

Alright Freakonomics readers, basketball fans in particular, it’s contest time! This year’s NCAA Tournament, now down to the Round of 16, aka the Sweet 16, includes a statistical anomaly: two teams from the same city have made it to the Sweet 16, the University of Richmond and VCU, both from Richmond, VA.
The 64-team tournament started with three pairs of teams from the same city: U of R and VCU from Richmond; Vanderbilt and Belmont from Nashville, and Xavier and Cincinnati from Cincinnati. That’s six teams out of the original 64. So, what are the odds that one of those pairs makes it to the Round of 16? The first reader to correctly guess the odds of this happening wins their choice of Freakonomics swag.
Also, the first person who can tell us when the last time two teams from the same city made it to the Sweet 16 was, will also get a piece of Freakonomics gear. Here’s a hint: check out CBS’s archive of NCAA tournament brackets going all the way back to 1939.
Good luck!