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Taking a Course From Gary Becker

Up until now, the only way to take a course taught by Gary Becker was to be a student at the University of Chicago.
Thanks to the heroic efforts of three students —Dana Chandler, Salvador Navarro Lozano, and Jorge Garcia — that has changed.
Dana, Salvador, and Jorge teamed up to videotape and summarize a full quarter of Gary’s legendary graduate economics class, Econ 343, Human Capital. These lectures are now available to anyone on YouTube.
As Dana Chandler so aptly put it to me, “Just as Richard Feynman‘s Lectures on Physics served to inspire countless physicists, I am sure that these will inspire countless future economists.”
The only shortcoming of the videotaped version of the class is you can’t ask questions (although I suspect if you emailed Becker questions, he would answer them).
One big benefit of watching the class on videotape: Becker can’t cold-call you, a habit for which he is notorious.