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Welcome to the New

Today is the first day of the rest of our blogging lives.
For 3.5 years, this blog has lived at, very happily for the most part. But as time passed, we became eager to take the blog indie again, and unite it with the other stuff we’ve been working on. So here we are, with all things Freakonomics — the blog, the books, the movie, the radio project, etc. — under one roof. Welcome!
A few blog upgrades:

The far bigger change is that the blog now lives on the same website as all our other material. We’ll be adding more content as we go — chapter excerpts and photo galleries to the Books section, e.g., a Video channel, etc. — but there’s already a lot here, so feel free to poke around. The biggest cache of new material is the Radio section, which houses all the podcasts and Marketplace segments we’ve produced to date. Also, at the bottom of every page on the site you’ll find a navigation footer with links to all kinds of helpful stuff, including housekeeping items like an updated FAQ, our contact information, and so on.
Thanks for reading, and thanks also to the folks who’ve been working so hard to build this site, especially Chad Troutwine, Nick Mason at ErroThree, Jeremy Dempster, Dwyer Gunn, and Bourree Lam. Thanks also to the folks at WNYC and Marketplace/American Public Media for making the radio migration happen, and to the Times for the blog migration and also for providing a really wonderful home for the past few years.
As this new site is very much a work in progress, we’d appreciate your feedback. Please leave questions, suggestions, and complaints in the comments section below.