Greg F

That accent you hear in the video is South African. I grew up in a small town in South Africa called Kloof. One of my closest childhood friends, later in life, got a job working for some people involved in this group, Destini Universe. Quickly I started to hear about a machine that let dead people type messages to the living, several reports from Hitler about what Hell is like and, of course, about dolphins out in space circling the planet. A large portion of what was going on seemed to be fueled by religious and copious use of ecstasy. Eventually my friend vanished into obscurity and the last I heard he is a homeless man that rides a bicycle up and down city streets with no distinct purpose. Good to see the crazy people I know best getting some attention.


All Freak and no 'Nomics...


Too long to get to your point. By 2 mins in I had to cut out. I suddenly realised I wasn't going to live forever x

VB in NV

This is not a video.


To be specific, it's an Afrikaans accent. English and African language speakers in SA sounds very different.