Levitt Makes the NYT Sunday Crossword Puzzle

Can you find Levitt? (Graphic and solutions from Bill Butler)

Fans of the New York Times Sunday crossword might have come across a Freak-y clue this weekend. Check out clue 102 “Across”:

102. Steven who co-wrote “Freakonomics”

The letters of Levitt’s name were used to spell the following “Down” words:

93. Sword lilies, for short : GLADS
94. Send, as a check : REMIT
95. Trump who wrote “The Best Is Yet to Come” : IVANA
84. Bear vis-à-vis the woods, e.g. : DENIZEN
85. Fails miserably : CRATERS
79. Gist : POINT


Hey, what about Dubner?!


I really dislike American crosswords, yes you get a lot of clues and as such bang for your crossword buck but they are so visually messy.

Give me an elegent and refined British style crossword (or two or 3) any day. Maybe even a cryptic one when I feel particulalrly masochistic.

Eric M. Jones

See Wiki: Levitt-
"Steven Levitt (b. 1967), American economist, author of Freakonomics"