A Freakonomics Radio Bleg: What Do You Want to See Live and On Stage?

In June, the first of our Freakonomics Radio programs will hit the public-radio airwaves. (Until then, we’re putting out a a podcast and a recurring Marketplace segment.) In conjunction with the launch, we’ll also be doing a live Freakonomics Radio event in St. Paul, Minn., on (June 9). Levitt will be there — it’s his hometown.

We are now in the midst of putting the show together. It’ll have a variety of elements — live talking and video and music and audience participation — and everything will be themed, loosely at least, around the idea of prediction.

I hope you can make one of the shows, of course, but what I really hope is that you might have a killer idea or two that we could add to the show. Please cut loose in the comments section below; no ideas too outrageous, although please do consider insurance costs :-).

And, as always, thanks.




song and dance! song and dance!


Predicting/analyzing the success of motion pictures at the domestic/international box-office.

I found a "hype" variable of (production cost*review rating) to be rather significant, but results turn out best when production cost is not factored into the empirical model at all.


This is going to sound We-Are-The-Worldy, but in a nation that seems quite polarized by politics, values, beliefs, etc., I would like to see Freakonomics find a way to "reconcile" (or facilitate the reconciliation) of people like Jay Leno, Conan, and Letterman. Wouldn't it be the coolest thing on earth if once a year, as a demonstration of national unity, etc., these guys put on the variety show to end all variety shows, cutting up and funning on each other in a manner that is not mean or hurtful?

Or how about the members of the current Journey putting on a special reunion concert...and bringing out Steve Perry (and other former members) to do some of his biggest smash hits? You could sell out any stadium at $100 a seat for something like that. But far more important than the musical milestone, it could be a way of reconciling a group of "brothers" that have become estranged. Think of what would happen if at every Journey concert there was the very real possibility that Steve Perry would show up, unannounced, and sing a favorite or two.

Like I said, I know this sounds all gushy and all, but why not use your influence to do more than "dazzle us" (OK, wait, you can keep doing that), and use it to bring about "feel-good" change that enhances our nation's attitude at a time when we really need it?

For that matter, get Charlie Sheen to apologize for being a world-class boor and buffoon, then put him and "Two-and-a Half Men" back together all kissy-kissy, etc.

OK, I'm going to get out my lighter now and wave it slowly over my head in the darkness as "Don't Stop Believin'" plays.


Tina Weymouth

Remote viewers, psychics, seers, Romanian witches, etc. And song and dance.


A Talking Heads reunion!!!


I would be interested in seeing any new work that Sudhir Venkatesh might have done since superfreakonomics. If not that, then a co-author duel would be amazing and awesome


Song and Dance, a la GWAR.

Caleb b

Ticket scalping and event parking cheating. There's a guy in Dallas that sells the same parking space two and three times for Cowboy games.


I would like to know if your new radio shows will still be available for download. My favorite thing about podcast (apart from the content of course) is that I can listen to it at my leisure. Also, what is the title of the Freakonomics theme song? I just love it.