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April 11: The Most Boring Day in History

Every day, something significant to human history must happen … right?

Photo: iStockphoto

Wrong. Last year, the computer program True Knowledge concluded that the most boring day in human history occurred, 57 years ago today. Using algorithms that used weighted values for more than three million facts including historical events, birthdays of significant people, etc., it determined that April 11, 1954, was really, really uneventful.
William Tunstall-Pedoe, a computer scientist in Cambridge, U.K., who created True Knowledge, told the Telegraph:

Nobody significant died that day, no major events apparently occurred and, although a typical day in the 20th century has many notable people being born, for some reason that day had only one who might make that claim – Abdullah Atalar, a Turkish academic.

Apparently the only other significant event that day was a Belgian election.