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Everything's Coming Up Shale Gas

Photo: iStockphoto

In the Wall Street Journal, energy guru Daniel Yergin writes of the massive promise of shale gas.
It’s the subject of the current cover story of TIME: “This Rock Could Power the World.”
And this is what President Obama said in his energy-policy speech at Georgetown last week:

Now, in terms of new sources of energy, we have a few different options. The first is natural gas. Recent innovations have given us the opportunity to tap large reserves –- perhaps a century’s worth of reserves, a hundred years worth of reserves -– in the shale under our feet. But just as is true in terms of us extracting oil from the ground, we’ve got to make sure that we’re extracting natural gas safely, without polluting our water supply.

With shale gas rising, it will be interesting to see whether environmental concerns — fracking and CO2 emissions — will be offset by bigger geopolitical concerns about some of our less-savory oil suppliers.