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So What?

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A podcast listener named Wes Bellmore writes in to say:

Hi freakguys…
So, you may not be aware of this, but an amazing number of the guests on your podcast begin most of their sentences with the word “SO” when they begin to explain something arcane.
“So, what we found was….”
“So, it’s interesting that…”
“So, when you look at…”
So, I have been listening to globs of your podcasts back-to-back (thanks to Stitcher) and this verbal tic is getting to be like Chinese water torture for me.
So, the CBC radio program Quirks and Quarks did a piece on the “SO” tic a while ago, as someone on that program noticed THEIR guests were saying it all the time. I can’t remember what Q&Q said about it.
So, I love the show, I wish economists ran the world.
So, best regards. Wes

So, the facts are that: Wes is right; I am likely the biggest offender; but I’ve found “so” to be so useful in radio writing that I haven’t been able to stop myself.
Well, maybe there’s an alternative …