What Do People Say About Bin Laden When They Say It on Twitter and Facebook?

From a Project for Excellence in Journalism report on media coverage of Osama bin Laden’s death:

In the mainstream press, coverage has focused on trying to parse out the details leading up to and during the dramatic raid, and on sorting through the national and international reaction to it. … On Facebook and Twitter, meanwhile, citizens have used these social media tools to express black humor about bin Laden’s death. The largest share of discussion there, 19%, has involved people sharing jokes. The second largest theme involved the question of whether bin Laden was really dead, and weighing the pros and cons of the proof offered. That discussion accounted for 17% of the conversation.

Sick jokes and conspiracy theories — when did social media start to behave like Wall Street?

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Ian M

Al-Qaeda has confirmed that bin Laden is dead. Will that quash the conspiracy theories? No way in "fake moon landing" heck.



The people who believe that Osama bin Laden is dead don't need pictures--they believe Obama is telling the truth (and if he wasn't, it would be the greatest political risk ever, for all bin Laden would have to is pop up and Obama would be seen as a liar).

And the people who do NOT believe Osama bin Laden is dead will NEVER BE CONVINCED otherwise. Picture? Photoshopped! DNA? Bogus. Bin Laden's head? A very close resemblance, but not quite.

Why spend any effort at all trying to convince such idiots? And why antagonize people who might be antagonized by such pictures? And why show ourselves as uncivilized as the terrorists by publishing the pictures of such horrific things?

Obama is right. And I say that as a conservative Republican.


zzzzing. take that Wall Street.


Since I'm not a journalist or an anchor with access to administration officials, there's not much for me to say about the details of the raid that the professionals aren't saying.

But I can sure crack some corny jokes about it.


Since its inception.

Sari Gauld

The CIA seems to be aware of this which is just as well as the Taliban (another organisation entirely) yesterday announced their Spring Offensive and kicked it off with a suicide bombing.