Free Sample No. 1 From SuperFreakonomics Paperback

SuperFreakonomics comes out in paperback in the U.S. tomorrow. It includes a 16-page color insert with material from the Illustrated Edition of the book. Here’s an example, detailing the clever experimental variations the economist John List worked through on the Dictator Game:


Is there a full size image available? I would really like to see the text of the picture.

Jon Svendsen

Right click, then select "View image" or similar.


I have the Kindle version of your book. It's as good, if not better than the original. Is there any way I can get the insert material from the paperback without buying it? Defeats the purpose of buying the ebook, don't you find?


Is this our chance to get a free copy of the book?


@Brandon try using Ctrl-+ in your browser (That's holding Ctrl and the + key).

As for the others, such shameless requests for free stuff, I guess we know how Freakanomics blog readers would fare in John List's experiments.