Try Our "Surprise Me" Button

One of the cool features we’ve added to the new blog is the “Surprise Me” button that allows you to randomly sample our archive of blog posts. You’ll find it all way at the bottom of the blog in the footer; second from the bottom in the left column.  Give it a click, and you’re immediately transported into any one of our more than 5,000 posts. It’s a great way to find older posts you may not have seen. Remember, the blog started back in 2005, with this inaugural gem, titled, “Unleashing Our Baby.”



Am I the only one unable to find the "Surprise Me" Button? I get that it's a surprise and all, but even surprises have to be found eventually...

Matthew Philips

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog, to the black bar across the bottom. In the far left column under the header Blog, you'll see Surprise Me! It's the second on up from the bottom.


I'll admit, I'm surprised that's the only place it is! (and that it's so small comparative to all the other buttons (Like, Follow, etc.))

Cary Schwartzman

Wow, talk about a terrible place for a feature. It should be in the top menu bar, right beside "BLOG" :)


It was difficult but I found the button. I prefer "Supersize Me" Buttom".

Mike B

Can you add a button that references the user's past site usage patterns and determines the article that they would most want to read? It's well known that people tend to prefer information that reenforced their previously established world views so that would be a really helpful feature.


So, is the surprise that it's not there any more? I scrolled all the way to the bottom, found the black bar and the BLOG link, but there was no left hand column and certainly no Surprise Me, second from bottom or not. I was surprised.


The only reason I came to this site was for the surprise button. You didn't deliver.


I found the Surprise Me button - and oh wow, its like entering a new world of the funny and fascinating..
I can't believe people couldn't find the button. I guess they're just not looking hard enough..


Think someone stole it, cannot see it at bottom of page :):)


Seriously! is it joke? In the middle of the night, I'm searching for a Surprise Me button, which seems to be stolen.. :p