Who Should Play Stephen Dubner in Turbulent Souls Film?

Stephen Dubner’s first book, Turbulent Souls, has been optioned by The Group Entertainment (Variety‘s report here), with writer Larry Gross (48 Hours, True Crime, We Don’t Live Here Anymore) to adapt the memoir for the big screen. Not that we have a say in this, but just for fun we’d like to find out which actor Freakonomics readers think should play the Dubner in the film.

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Eric M. Jones

Martin Short


I'm thinking Zach Braff of Scrubs fame (or infamy)


I don't know any of those actors, but what I want to know is, will Ha Rav Avigdor Miller's shiurim be part of the plot?


Adam Sandler or Jon Favreau

Mark VanTassel

I voted for Gordon-Levitt--but only because Jeff Goldblum wasn't on the list.


Charlie Sheen

Lars Olsson

Schwarzennegger. No doubt.

Ben D

Tom Hanks of course!

Also it would have been fun to include some pictures of Dubner and the actors side by side!

David B

Paul Iacono from The hard times of RJ berger....looks just like dubner!!!!


Definitely Geoffrey Arend

or Adrian Grenier

Why on earth does JG-L have the most votes???
The actor needs to look at least a little bit like Dubner


Samm Levine. He is perfect for it and all the other choices are already too old. Unfortunately the current producers of the film project are incompetent and this probably won't see light until new producers take it from them.