Addicted to My Grandchildren

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A visit with two grandchildren this weekend, then the other four next weekend, then the eight and five-year old without their parents. What a delight! But no very little kids—the kids are now ages 15 to 5. I miss having tiny grandchildren, and I know that if another were to come along it would be as much or even more fun than the first. I guess I’m addicted to grandchildren.

Sadly in some sense (although my sons’ and their wives’ lives are complicated enough without their having more kids), my addiction is being cured by an enforced “cold-turkey” regimen—no more grandchildren are likely to be forthcoming. That’s the best way to cure an addiction. With the average age at first marriage being 28 for men and 26 for women, odds are that it will be 15 years until great-grandchildren arrive. The life expectancy of a 68-year-old male is 15 years, so there’s a decent hope of rekindling my addiction—next time to great-grandchildren.


My mom and I were both 22 when we got married, and between that and the fact that my youngest sister is 13 years younger than I am, we're unlikely to run out of toddlers...ever, really. Which has its disadvantages as well - family gatherings will always need to have a toddler-friendly option.

Eric M. Jones.

Good news Daniel,

Recent medical advances will make your lifespan much longer. You'll live to play with your great-great-grandkids.

paul o.

Daniel, congratulations on having a loving family and spreading it to the next generations. I mean that sincerely.

However, I don't understand what this article has to do with freakonomics.


I too am addicted... I have a 2 year old grandson who I think the sun rises and sets with :) I waiting for my son and his wife to give me more :)