Michael Vick: The $100 Million Man (Again)

So two years after getting out of jail and being cleared to play football, three years after filing for Chapter 11, and four years after pleading guilty to federal felony conspiracy charges, Michael Vick has signed a new $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles; six years, $40 million guaranteed. Back in 2008 when his lawyers told a bankruptcy judge that Vick would likely be able to “earn a substantial living” again, they weren’t kidding.

In terms of sheer size, this one isn’t quite the $130 million, 10-year contract he signed with the Atlanta Falcons back in 2004, which made him the highest paid player in the NFL. But the new deal actually comes with more guaranteed money, and a higher yearly salary. As far as I can tell, this makes Vick the rare pro athlete to sign two contacts worth $100 million or more, and perhaps the only NFL player ever to do so.  UPDATE: I initially said that Vick was the first pro athlete ever to sign two $100 million contracts. Correction made.

Two weeks until the regular season opens, the Eagles better hope that shaky offensive line jells sooner rather than later. That’s an awfully expensive 31 year-old asset they have behind it.


I think Alex Rodriguez may beg to differ on your research on signing two contracts worth >$100 million...

Andrew Chapello

Alex Rodriguez also signed two contracts > $100 million. In fact, both of his were greater than $200 million (with the Rangers for $252 million and Yankees for $275 million).


A-rod has signed a $252 million contract and a $275 million contract.

Nathan Robertson

Incorrect: Alex Rodriguez, Shaq, and Fernando Alonso have all signed two $100m+ contracts.

Careful Reader

To this and other comments that A-Rod and others signed two $100m+ contracts: the post states that this accomplishment makes Vick the "rare pro athlete..." "Rare" does not mean "only." No need to post "corrections" to a statement that is correct in its original form.

Joshua Northey

The post has been edited "CAREFUL READER".


Good points. To clarify, it's only possible he's the first NFL player to sign two contracts larger than $100 million.

Alex Rodriguez is one player with more than two contracts larger than $100 million.


Dont have time to confirm but for some reason I'm thinking Kevin Garnett was first to have two $100million contracts


How is $100m over 6 years 'not quite' as good as $130m over 10 years? $16.7m per year > $13m.


Because $130 M > $100 M.


Michael Vick not only ran dog fights, he personally participated in the execution of dogs that were "no longer needed". This included beating them to death, drowning them, electrocuting them, hanging them, ad nauseum.

This is sadism to a sexual level: he got off on what he did to those poor defenseless dogs. He should be on a sexual offender registry somewhere.

Instead, he comes out of jail and professes how he "found Jesus" and so many of the public are willing to buy into that lie.

Michael Vick will forever be a recidivist-capable horror of a human being. And I hope his big contract brings his trashy cohorts in crime even closer to him.

Mike B

While Michael Vick seems to draw most of the venomous hatred directed at NFL players I would like to point out that that star wide receiver Donté Stallworth got drunk and killed an ACTUAL HUMAN BEING, yet I barely hear a peep about it. The only lesson I can draw from this is that you, and people like you care more about dogs than human beings.

BTW to point out further inconsistencies in your moral outrage have you ever looked into the conditions of the factories that process and package the meat for public consumption in this country? Animal welfare standards are inconsistently applied between animals seen as food and animals seen as pets. Alright, it's fair to say there is some sort of implied social contract with "pet" species as opposed to food species, but please, don't demonize someone because they decided to torture an animal for sport when hundreds of millions of other people are complicit in the torture of animals for food.

You need to chill out. Pitbulls were bread for the very purpose of pit fighting. Sure many things that were acceptable in the 18th century are no longer acceptable today, but harming human beings has NEVER been acceptable in society while harming non-human animals was seen as par for the course. Please learn to keep some perspective in where you direct your hate. Our country has completely forgotten that people make mistakes and after paying a reasonable penalty they should get a second chance. Are you ready to pay the social costs of branding every perpetrator of a bad act with a scarlet letter disqualifying them from any sort of future? Do you think that will make problems better....or worse?



I wasn't drawing a comparison between Vick and Stallworth; that was your invention, Mike B. And if you aren't hearing much outrage over his crime, I suggest you might take a second look at the company you keep. And if "the only lesson" you can draw from this is that someone values dogs more than human beings, I suggest you take a second look at yourself.

But, now that you bring up Stallworth, I guess it's worth pointing out that he - unlike Vick - didn't torture his victim.

Eric M. Jones.

Horrible clueless thug. It's good to see they can make unimaginable amounts of money made possible by the taxpayers financing the stadiums.

What, O. J. is busy?


No, just well past his playing prime, so irrelevant evidently.


If anyone cares the OL did get better, by moving Todd H. to RT they have sured up his blind spot.