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Beauty Pays is Out! Bring Your Questions for Dan Hamermesh

Beauty Pays is out!! (Princeton University Press, 2011, available from the Press, or either hardbound or Kindle version). Its central point is that beauty affects outcomes in markets because it is scarce.  It details how these effects function, how large they are, and what they imply about a wide array of markets.
It includes relevant jokes, songs, etc., lots of pictures but no graphs. Despite a “chatty” tone the discussion of beauty illustrates ideas comprising almost half of an introductory micro course.
It raises a wide array of issues and questions. I’m happy to answer any questions that Freakonomics readers might have, so please ask away in the comments section below!
Here’s the table of contents:

Part I. Background to Beauty
Chapter 1. The Economics of Beauty
Chapter 2. In the Eye of the Beholder
Definitions of Beauty
Why Do Beauty Standards Matter?
How Do We Measure Human Beauty?
Do Observers Agree on Beauty?
Does Beauty Differ by Gender, Race or Age? What Makes You Beautiful?
Can We Become More Beautiful?
The Stage is Set
Part II. Beauty on the Job: What and Why
Chapter 3. Beauty and the Worker
The Central Questions
How Can Beauty Affect Earnings?
How Much More Do Good-Looking People Make?
Is Beauty the Real Cause?
Why Are Beauty Effects Smaller Among Women?
Do Beauty Effects Differ by Race?
Do Beauty Effects Differ by Age?
Compensating the Beauty-Damaged Worker?
Looks Matter for Workers
Chapter 4. Beauty in Specific Occupations
Beauty and Choosing an Occupation
How Big Are Beauty Effects Where Beauty Might Matter?
How Big Are Beauty Effects Where Beauty Might Not Matter?
Sorting by Beauty
Chapter 5. Beauty and the Employer
The Puzzles
Do Good-Looking Employees Raise Sales?
How Does Beauty Affect Profits?
How Can Companies Pay for Beauty and Survive?
Do Companies with Better-Looking CEOs Perform Better?
Beauty Helps Companies—Probably
Chapter 6. Lookism or Productive Beauty, and Why?
What the Beauty Effect Means
How Can Beauty Effects Be Discrimination?
How Can Beauty Be Socially Productive?
What are the Sources of Beauty Effects?
What Is the Direct Evidence on the Sources?
The Importance of Beauty
Part III. Beauty in Love, Loans and Law
Chapter 7. Beauty in Markets for Friends, Family and Funds
Beyond the Labor Market
How Is Beauty Exchanged?
How Does Beauty Affect Group Formation?
How Does Beauty Affect Dating?
How Does Beauty Affect Marriage?
Could There Be a Market for Beautiful Children?
Does Beauty Matter When You Borrow?
Trading Beauty in Unexpected Places
Chapter 8. Legal Protection for the Ugly
Fairness and Public Policy
What Kinds of Protection Are Possible?
How Have Existing Policies Been Used?
Is It Possible to Protect the Ugly?
What Justifies Protecting the Ugly?
What Justifies Not Protecting the Ugly?
What Is an Appropriate Policy?
Protecting the Ugly in the Near Future
Part IV, Chapter 9. Prospects for the Looks-Challenged
The Beauty Conundrum
Are Beautiful People Happier?
What Will Be Beautiful? What Should Be?
What Can Society Do?
What Can You Do If You’re Bad-Looking?