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The Church of Scionology: Yuengling Beer Gallery

For the Freakonomics Radio hour-long special “The Church of Scionology,” Stephen Dubner and producer Suzie Lechtenberg traveled to Pottsville, PA for a day to chat with CEO scion Dick Yuengling at his brewery. Yuengling is the oldest brewery in America – currently run by Dick, who is the fifth generation to do so. One of his daughters will likely be the sixth-generation CEO, and the seventh-generation is apparently already in training. Here are some photos from the trip.

D.G. Yuengling & Son brewery in Pottsville, PA. Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery and has been making beer since 1829. During Prohibition they stayed afloat making “near beer” and ice cream. (Photo courtesy of Yuengling Brewery)

Dick Yuengling is the fifth-generation of Yuengling to run America’s oldest brewery. He turned the company around  (Photo courtesy of Yuengling Brewery)

Dick Yuengling gives us a tour of the brewery. The brew kettle is used for the final “beer cooking” stage , where it boils with hops and spices for aroma and flavor.

The Yuengling brewery was started in 1829 by David G. Yuengling. The bottling line was added in 1895 by David’s son, Frederick Yuengling. Both David and Frederick ran the company until their death.

The next generation of Yuenglings: (from left) Wendy Yuengling Baker, Debbie Yuengling-Ferhat, Jennifer Yuengling, Sheryl Yuengling (rear). Only two of Dick Yuengling’s daughters work at the plant: Wendy handles administration, and Jennifer is the plant coordinator. (Photo courtesy of Yuengling Brewery)

Yuengling is the second largest American-owned brewer. Last year, their volume was 2.2 million barrels. Despite a small market share nationally, the Yuenglings promise they will keep making beer.

Host Stephen Dubner picks a fresh one off the belt.