Does HDTV Increase Demand for Make-up Artists?

(Digital Vision)

A major technical change in TV has been the introduction of High Definition broadcasting and receivers. For the same price you get higher quality, so this can be viewed as a rightward change in supply. This change has affected a surprisingly related market—that for make-up artists.

Now if you’re on television, as I discovered, every single “flyaway hair” is visible. Most of my hair flew away many years ago, but what’s left might still stick out and need careful laying down by a specialist. A make-up artist tells me that demand for her services has been helped tremendously by the introduction of digital broadcasting and HD receivers.

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some do need it, you can all the wrinkles of the face.

Eric M. Jones.

Yes, but theater films have been HD for a very long time.

I would have seriously argued that HD TV would not catch on because of the inconvenience, installed base of TVs, cost and relative unimportance of resolution when one sits 15 feet away from the screen. Nobody wants the PIP features anyway. A lot of visual information is simply wasted. Better just to have cheap digital TV.

Besides, giant HD cameras have been around taking giant photos for a century and they never really caught on.

I still don't get it....and we now have one in every room.

Joshua Northey

The thing I find most humorous is that your perception habituates in a matter of weeks.

So you go from being 100% comfortable with Standard definition, get a new HDTV, then 2 weeks later you are habituated to that and to your mind it looks exactly the same as the standard definition did. SO you just spent a lot of money for 2 weeks of benefit...

Sure in some rare scenarios where detail is important it is better, but generally it is the same.

Eric M. Jones

Always glad to supply insight. See: Dusenberry's Ratcheting of Consumption: Optimal Dynamic Consumption and Investment Given Intolerance for Any Decline in Standard of Living


But what exactly is wrong with having flyaway hair? Einstein did ok with his flyaway hair, and so have I.


Nearly every shoot has a make up artist regardless of capture format. It's been like that before HD, after HD, and well into 4K acquisition. Makeup technique has changed, but not demand. Maybe demand for a MORE SKILLED makeup artist has risen, but I haven't really seen that anecdotally in the industry.