How Big? A Caption Contest

It’s Friday afternoon, and so I’m sure all of us are looking for a break.  You know what that means: time for a caption contest!  I mean, this picture is really crying out for it, isn’t it?

President Obama with Treasury Secretary Geithner, while NEC Director Gene Sperling looks on.


Add your funniest caption in the comments.  We’ll crowdsource the voting: Use the thumbs-up button to vote for your favorites. And we’ll make sure to round up some schwag for the winner.

[Hat tip: Laura Rozen via Dan Drezner]

Sandra M

I missed it by "that much"!

VB in NV

"I checked the vault Mr. President, and we're down to a stack of twenties about this high."


"I'm not kidding - Kucinich is really, really short."


This is represents the equivalent of economic zombie apocalypse and this represents where we are...


What would we need to do to get our economy rolling again? Mr. President, we give every family in America a stack of cash - about this much per family should do it.


I saw Boehner at the gym.


Before the war, our national debt was about this big.

Ben Sauer

Up here is how many jobs we said we'd make, down here is how many we actually made


Representative Pelosi is requesting $100,000.00 in stimulus money to have her penile implant enlarged this much!


...and that's on a good day.


MR president we will issue gold bars this thick

Andrea Taylor

"It's a great Jenga strategy, doesn't work so well in finance though."

Chip Chantry

In his daily briefing with the president, Secretary Geithner conveys dismal state of the economy by performing the saddest rendition of "The Hand Jive" known to man.


" It is about this long when cold."


We have, like, this much money left.


Geithner: Started up on a 6, when he pulled from the clouds, and then I moved in above him.
Obama: Well, if you were directly above him, how could you see him?
Geithner: Because I was inverted.
Photographer: [coughs whilst saying] Bulls***.
Sperling: No, he was man. It was a really great move. He was inverted.

John B. Chilton

The jobs bill, Mr. President, it's like Preparation H for unemployment. If this is the size of the problem, then this is not a solution.

Ryan Carl Impink

Well...I'm a white guy, so it's only, like, this big....

Bob's your Uncle

White House catches fish, this big


Timmy was born to hand jive!