How Big? A Caption Contest

It’s Friday afternoon, and so I’m sure all of us are looking for a break.  You know what that means: time for a caption contest!  I mean, this picture is really crying out for it, isn’t it?

President Obama with Treasury Secretary Geithner, while NEC Director Gene Sperling looks on.


Add your funniest caption in the comments.  We’ll crowdsource the voting: Use the thumbs-up button to vote for your favorites. And we’ll make sure to round up some schwag for the winner.

[Hat tip: Laura Rozen via Dan Drezner]


doctor an' lawyer an' an indian chief, they all dig that crazy beat


I'm squishing your head.

Randy Thomas

Geithner, "and then I said to Romney I squish your little head I squish your little head"....

Cañada Kid

"She said it was this big, but I'm kinda skeptical"


The markets are just not clearing.

Bill H

"So if we shrink everybody in the construction industry to about yea high, we could quadruple labor demand practically overnight!"


So, Mr President, if everything went just perfectly, we would cut a full percentage point from unemployment before the end of Michelle's second term.


Congress's job approval rating is here... Yours is here...

David Glover

"Bernanke and I went hang gliding last weekend, it was awesome!"




Okay, this is how much we have... and this is how much we need....


Tim's hands still weren't quite dry from washing off the ink that got on them when he was printing all that new money...


We were inverted.

keith singleton

"Here's Air Force One and here is the jet fighter."


Oh for crisakes, Barack, last's left over right, right over left, and THEN, jazz hands

Abram Nichols

the shoes? Oh, they give me about this much extra height. people take me seriously that way.


Mr President, I agree - former president Bush's brain is about this big

Navneet V.

On the contrary Mr.President, the Smurfs in the movie were about this big.