Wednesday's Crash

So, we crashed yesterday because reddit picked up our story on Japanese adult adoptions, and it caught internet fire. Which is great! Except that we weren’t ready to handle more than double a normal day’s traffic in a matter of hours.

We’re not the first site to be crashed by reddit, which hails itself as the “Front page of the internet,” and sometimes organizes crashes on purpose. But that wasn’t us, their users liked our story: for a moment on Wednesday, ours was the top story on the site’s Today I Learned page.

Ultimately, this is good news, and gives us a great reason to expand. In the meantime, the problem is being addressed. We apologize for the inconvenience and, as always, thanks for reading.


Maybe you guys should invest in one of those cloud things. I hear they never crash


I teach high school geography and they were floored when I told them about this. Great blog post!

Mike B

Not one of the best candidates for a Reddit article IMHO and given the delay between publication and being Reddited I can't say that site is really on the cutting edge of internet news.


It's called the Slashdot Effect, named after another aggregation site that can multiply your traffic flow in under eight hours.

Caleb b

Actually it's somewhat of a relief to learn it was a crash. I thought my company had blocked the sight. Then I'd be forced to do more work at work (shutter).