Sperm Bank Rejecting Redheads

A recent story in the NY Daily News reported that Cryos International, one of the world’s largest sperm banks, is refusing to accept donations from redheaded men.


Apparently, this is a result of a sharp increase in supply that the company needs to reduce before more donations are accepted. Like most temporary surpluses, this one will be removed, in this case probably not by the price system (although one can imagine that potential recipients, hearing of the surplus and being indifferent about their donor’s hair color, might offer Cryos a below-market price).

More likely, Cryos’ refusal to accept any more supply will cause the surplus to disappear, so that redheads’ donations will soon be accepted again.


Andreas Moser

Wear a wig when wanking.


A+ alliteration!

Brian Peddle

Both parents need the gene to make a red headed child.

Joshua Northey

Hair color is controlled by dozens of genes not 1. You get redheads when a large number of these are recessive, so both parents need to have several recessive genes.

For example both my wife and I have hair that is as red as it comes (odd coincidence). My parents had brown and black hair and her parents had light brown and blonde hair. Yet both of us and her sister have red hair, meanwhile my sister has light brown hair.

Genetics is not so simple as they taught it to you in 8th grade.

As for sperm banks, when I looked into it (as a poor college student) the relatively small amount of money received didn't seem to be enough compensation for the abstention for sexual activity,and I would have been a relatively well compensated donor due to a fantastic health history and excellent test scores.

Brian Peddle

The MC1R gene is responsible for Red Hair. Both Parents must carry it. My wife and I don't have red hair but one of my children has red hair and the other 2 do not.

Joshua Northey

There are many redheads without that particular gene.

It is complicated, not so simple as:

gene=red hair.

Eric M. Jones.


So you haven't kept up with the most recent genetics:

---Redheads are the visible manifestation of crossbreeding with Homo neanderthalensis.

This explains a lot if you ask me....

As an aside--brown eyes are the normal Homo sapiensis eyes. Green, blue, etc. are related to a single genetic mutation in a single individual ~100k year ago.


In an interview on NPR, a Cryos big wig (CEO?) also mentioned they were not accepting blonde "donations" either. So, why all the focus on red hair?