I'm All for Multitasking but Is This a Good Idea?

On a blog called The Sedulous Pleb, Jim Powell posts video reviews of podcasts he’s listened to, sermons he’s seen, and the like. When does he make these video reviews? While he’s driving! Jim seems like a bright and thoughtful guy; I just hope he’s a really, really good driver on top of that.

His review of a recent Freakonomics Radio podcast looks to have been done while he was driving at night:


(HT: J.L.)


Its no different than eating a burgerand talking. It's not that extreme.


So give him a ticket for every real violation he makes, just like everyone else. If he can't handle this multi-tasking sufficiently well he will lose his license.


Are you really, "for Multitasking?" http://www.freakonomics.com/2010/11/02/the-myth-of-multitasking/

Andreas Moser

I predict that Jim will have an accident. One day.


You know how Levitt feels about the follies of prediction. But you are probably right.

Jim Powell

I'm famous! ... For all the wrong reasons! I guess this explains why this video has a much larger view count than my others. Thanks Stephen. Hey, I bought a holder for camera so I at least don't have to hold my phone and it beats falling asleep at the wheel! This btw was done a 4AM on my way to work so there is little traffic. I love the podcasts and books so keep 'em coming and I'll do my best to not hurt myself and others on the road while I "multi-task."