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Is Mitt Romney Less Well-Known Than He Was in 2007?

Photo: nmfbihop

According to a new Pew Research Center poll, while 54 percent of Americans are able to name at least one GOP presidential candidate, the leading candidates aren’t named as often as in previous years. Only 27 percent of Americans named Mitt Romney and only 28 percent named Rick Perry. That’s below the same measure taken four years ago in October 2007, when 45 percent could name Rudy Giuliani and 30 percent could name Romney. So, well into his second campaign for president, Romney is now less well-known than he was four years ago, when he ran the first time around. Not exactly encouraging.
Also, it’s interesting that Perry is still more recognizable than Romney, despite having fallen in the polls recently — especially since Perry got into the race only about two months ago, and Romney’s been running for much of the last four years. Chalk it up to the Texas swagger versus consultant technocrat?
Here’s some historical comparisons of previous years’ frontrunners from Pew:
Overall, it’s been a good month for Romney. Back in early September, he was essentially neck and neck with Perry. But according to predictions market Intrade (my favorite source for campaign odds), he now has a sizable lead over the Texas governor. Romney’s chances of securing the GOP presidential nomination are now at 59 percent, while Perry’s are down to just 19.4 percent. Looking at Romney’s chart over the last week, is that a Chris Christie bounce I see on the afternoon of Oct. 4?