It's No Major Major Major Major, But …

… this was still a puzzling sign to behold. It’s on Lenox Ave. (a.k.a. Malcolm X Blvd.), in the southern end of Harlem:

Did your mind get stuck for a minute when it read those words, or did it quickly skip ahead and fill in a blank? (Danny Kahneman writes nicely about this phenomenon in Thinking, Fast and Slow.)

Once you walk a few steps further south, the sign becomes complete. Still, I can’t help but think that this design wouldn’t have gone over so well with someone as exacting as, say, Steve Jobs:

James Curran

That does remind me of a street sign I saw. "St George St"

Everyone should immediately recognize that as "Saint George Street".

But I wonder if anyone ever read it as "Street George Saint".


Don't forget Senior Senior, Sr. from Kim Possible...

Joe Dokes

That sign is an assault on my sense of sight. So many things terribly wrong. First the Jr. Senior and then they wrapped the Center around the corner.


Joe Dokes


I was excited to see the Catch-22 reference, and then slightly let down by the post.

With that said, why did the sign makers deem it necessary to include the Jr.? Would anyone have thought of Dr. King's father had they excluded the Jr.? I'm doubting it.


I teach at Martin Luther King HS, and when the school opened, we dropped the "Jr." from the name so as not to be mistaken for a junior high school.

Golden Bear

Ah yes, but the college often referred to as "Stanford" is actually the Leland Stanford Junior University. We Golden Bears (Cal grads) wonder when it will become a four year school.


Does anyone see the irony of having a building named for Dr. Martin Luther King on a street known as Macolm X Blvd?


A while back, we wasted an afternoon at work discussing how this:

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.

can be, and is, a gramatically-correct sentence.

Dave D

Reminds me of when I went to Sundance film fest last year and visited the "Park City City Park"

Josh P.

You also have The Leland Stanford Junior University (A.K.A. Stanford University)