In Search of an NGO in New Delhi

I’m going to be in India this week, just for a few days. My time is completely booked except for a few hours on the morning of Friday, Dec. 2. I’m looking for an NGO that works with the downtrodden in New Delhi and is willing to show me around some poor neighborhoods there. In return, I will donate $5,000 to that NGO in appreciation.

Can any blog readers provide guidance on this? I know it is short notice.


you could look up this organization doing some commendable work!

PS:I don't belong to this org nor do i work with it,have just been following it for some time now.


oops sorry,half-read the tweet..this org is based in Pune.Sorry again.

Roelof van Laar

I know the Rescue Foundation in India, I work for their Dutch funder. They rescue girls from brothels. They have a branche in New Delhi and can show you around. They also have good contacts with the police if necessary. They will be happy to do it, especially with the donation you have in mind ;o) Let me know if you are interested.



Neil Parikh

Operation Asha (based out of New Delhi) is doing fantastic work to improve access to healthcare and decrease the incidence of TB. (

If you end up making a visit to Mumbai, we welcome you to come visit WaterWalla, an organization helping people in urban slums get access to clean water via micro-franchises that sell water filtration technologies. ( We work in Dharavi, (in Mumbai, India), which is one of the largest slums in the world, and also the location where Slumdog Millionare was filmed.

If you want to know more about these areas, feel free to contact us!


Preference for religious/non-religious?


Doh. Neil beat me to it.

I'll double his suggestion for Water Walla.

If you want a religious-based one, there's Gospel for Asia that I can suggest. ( Though they aren't specifically focused in New Dehli, they do work there.

George Eapen

Contact the School of Inspired Leadership, a management program that is different. Students have to spend one day a week working with NGOs. contact Anil Sachdev the founder Anil Sachdev They are connected to a number of NGOs in the Delhi region




I've been extremely impressed with their fiscal responsibility and donor accountability, not to mention the great work they are doing. My wife has been sponsoring a Filipino kid since before we were married, and this girl who regularly went hungry and wouldn't have had a chance to finish grade school is scheduled to graduate from college with a degree in education this year. We also help sponsor a college student in Tamilnadu, India (math major). They may not have the growth of other organizations, but their overhead is amazingly low and they stretch a dollar far more than other organizations of this type.


Would you be interested in Mobile Creches?


I forwarded your request to a few places listed here:

I'm not sure if any of them have an office in New Delhi, but I hope it works out.

Anjali Pathak

Dear Steven,

I was sent the link to your site by my friend Subir Ghosh, who is a journalist/ writer and owner of the site (

My name is Anjali Pathak and I am the President and founder trustee of an NGO called URJA. URJA (meaning energy/power in Hindi), is based in New Delhi and has recently started working with the Peran community in Najafgarh, Delhi, where women and girls are forced into prostitution.

The Peran communities were traditionally nomadic goatherds whose livelihoods disappeared with rapid industrialization. As a result, today, more than 70% of women and girls are trapped into intergenerational prostitution. Poverty, lack of sustainable livelihood options, child marriage and low levels of education are some of the factors contributing to this phenomenon.

Currently, we are running a preschool, after school tuition classes for 5th to 10th standard children and have set up a small library in the community to improve reading skills of children. A survey to explore the causes and consequences of intergenerational prostitution is also underway in Najafgarh.

In future, the organization envisages implementing a holistic program to prevent second generation prostitution and rehabilitate the women. The program will provide education, health and livelihoods support for women and children in a safe and conducive environment.

Since you have shown an interest in visiting an NGO working with the downtrodden, we would greatly appreciate if you could take time out to visit our centre in Najafgarh, Delhi. Your support would go a long way in providing our women and children a life of dignity and freedom.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
Anjali Pathak


Prabhat Agarwal

They do fantastic work


J. Joseph Porter

I would contact this woman (, a friend of my mother's who works with this organization ( I have worked with this organization in the United States and in Brazil, and I know it does great work.

Chess Piece Face

Hope your schedule includes visiting

Pragati Grover

Hi Steve,
I have a friend Farhad Vania (did MS Social work with him in India). He will be happy to guide you. He can be reached at Mobile +91 98 991 100 05
Work +91 11 2460 3832

Raghav Gajula

Hello Sir,

We at 'Teacher For India' would love to help you in this regard and additionally take you around a few of the schools run by our organization in the poor neighborhoods of Delhi, if willing.

I am sure you would love interacting with the kids and enjoy sharing a few freaky economics concepts with them.

Raghav Gajula
2011 - Delhi Fellow


There regular tour shows the communities living along the train tracks as well as other areas near there that street kids live. The guides (former street guides) talk a lot about techniques they use to survive the streets. They also show you the school they've founded and how they are trying to improve things.

For $5,000 you could probably get them to do something that goes into other neighborhoods as well.

Rafiq Dossani

Here are two recommendations:

(1) The Aga Khan Foundation - great work on the poor in slum areas on rebuilding their 'cultural assets' through historical architectural and construction projects. See:
I'll be glad to help organize a visit with the project head, Ritesh Nanda.

(2) The American India Foundation: an innovative approach to educating the children of rural migrants. AIF builds hostels in villages to house the children while their parents travel for work. See:
The head office is in Delhi and I can organize a visit.