A Twilight Opening Night Payoff Matrix

A student was interested in seeing the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1. And her roommate, a “Twi-Hard,” even had an extra ticket for the opening, midnight showing. The student likes seeing the vampires and werewolves occasionally, but cannot stand the continuing screams of the mostly pre-pubescent audience. She views her situation as a game with the following payoff bi-matrix:

She has no dominant strategy; but understanding that the Twi-Hards do—that they will go to see Edward and Jacob on opening night no matter what, her best choice was to stay in her dorm room. (Don’t Go, Go) is a Nash Equilibrium and a Pareto optimum.

(HT to AVN)


Shouldn't the tag be for John Nash rather than Steve Nash (the basketball player)...or were you just trying to be clever by juxtaposing game theory with an actual game?


I don't really see how this is an interesting problem. One person wants to go; the other does not. The person who wants to go is indifferent to whether the other person joins them (as indicated by the fan's payoffs). In order to understand the problem well enough to map it out like this, the solution should already be obvious.


I am surprised the payoff for staying her dorm is the same regardless of whether her roommate is there. Dorm rooms are closets with beds - you'd think the payoff for staying at home while her roommate goes would be higher.