Simeon Weinraub

Can you please explain who this Judicial Hellholes site is, what their agenda is, and why you feel like their point of view is valid? It looks like they are just a sensationalized outlet for the American Tort Reform Association, which is an advocacy group for a specific point of view based on a political opinion, and not on facts. I thought that Freakonomics was about looking at facts and data, and coming to surprising conclusions. How does linking to this groups' opinion help in that mission?

John B

Next sports book? In the early 1970's, more basketball books were written about the Knicks than all the other NBA teams combined.

Probably the least necessary sports book to be written this year.

John B

Re: NPR list of complainers.

The real #1. Many people ask: "Why does NPR exist?". After articles like this, all people should ask: "Why does NPR exist?".


'Judicial Hellholes' is courtesy of the ATRA, a business supported lobby to limit the ability of individuals seeking redress in the courts. The false idea that our tort system is a bad thing has been pushed by business for years. Just another example of the corporate citizen seeking to limit exposure for their bad acts and exploitation. It's no wonder we have OWS and the Tea Party. Individuals need to band together and lobby for their rights, just as corporations do. It's how the system works now.