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What Do the NFL and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Have in Common?


They are both reliant on the talents of the Rooney and Mara dynasties.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are majority-owned by the Rooney family. The late Art Rooney (“the Chief”) ran the club for many years, ultimately giving way to son Dan, who has since given way to son Art Rooney II.

The New York Giants are 50-percent-owned by John Mara. The late Tim Mara ran the club for many years, ultimately giving way to his son (and John’s father) Wellington; there have been a variety of other Maras involved in the team.

FWIW, Wellington Mara, Tim Mara, Art Rooney, and Dan Rooney are all in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Giants’ current vice president of player evaluation is another Mara descendant, also named Tim. His wife is named Kathleen McNulty Rooney. Yes, of the Steelers’ Rooneys.

This couple’s four children are therefore great-grandchildren of the founders of the Steelers and Giants. One of their two daughters is named, appropriately, Rooney Mara.

And she is the star of the new Girl With the Dragon Tattoo film. (A sister named Kate is also an actress.)

Every year I hope for a Steelers-Giants Super Bowl. Might Rooney Mara’s star turn be the omen that makes it finally come true?