Is the US trade deficit as bad a thing for the US economy as I think it is?

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As a long time Twitter user and someone who tracks and works with it for his job, I thought you missed one big thing-- people use Twitter in several ways: real-time interaction on live events, connecting to others, and following interesting content. If you just tweet links to posts and podcasts, that's still useful for the last one, even if it's not engaging or social. People who are heavy Twitter users don't necessarily still subscribe to RSS feeds or email newsletters to know when their favorite sites have new content, but instead use Twitter to let them know. Some people do the same with Facebook. 10 years ago people used Yahoo or AOL portals to customize the feeds they read, and 4 years ago Google was pushing iGoogle to do the same.


Any interesting data to apply in predicting the outcome of the 2012 election? Would think given the political and economic climate there's something that may apply.

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Totally unrelated but....

In the comments section, I think it would be an improvement if I could sort the comments by things like Most Liked, Most Disliked, Most Thumbs either way, and especially Time of Post.

I like the mobile versions because if I am following a discussion on a subject I can see who the last person is that made a comment on it. But if I'm on the web, I need to search to find it because it might be a reply to someone else's comment and buried in page 2 instead of at the end.

Also, if some kind of spell check feature could be added to the comments section, that would help too. I hate the annoying picking people do about spelling.