Is It Time to Start a Strange Name Hall of Fame?

(Photo: Russ Morris)

We should probably start a Strange Name Hall of Fame at some point to chronicle all the weird, wonderful, terrible names that readers have passed along to us since we first wrote about names in Freakonomics. This one, from Joyce Wilson, would probably make the cut:

I thought of Freakonomics when I was at a St. Louis area grocery store and saw cut-out paper snowflakes taped to the window with the makers’ names on them.  The name I particularly noticed?  Demonica.

Levitt’s reply when he saw this e-mail: “Perhaps the little girl’s mother is just a heavy metal fan.”


I work with the state and you wouldn't believe some of the names I see here. Just to name a new lets start with Shavokva; twins-Gorgeous and Glamorous; twins-Pretty and Perfect; Tyronzia and my all time personal favorite Spiderman Garcia.


I have an interesting story for some names in my country.

I'm from Chile, and one of the "big" cities is called Valparaiso. This is an international port, and back in the day many ships were from the US Navy.

The thing is that, as all sailors do, these guys went into town for a couple of days to have fun in the local scene. By that time (50 years ago or more), not many chilean people really spoke anything but spanish. So of course the girls in Valpo couldn't really communicate with these guys, but nothing stopped them from spraying a couple of Us dollars and have some fun. This left many girls pregnant from these sailors, that left the next week or so.

In Chile, back in the day, there was a tradition to name the kids after their father.

So the girls thought that the little tags they carried in their uniforms were their names. So, in Valparaiso, there are many folks named USNAVY and ILOVENY, just like their fathers.

This is a true story, and is well known in Chile. So those are my favorite names (that are pronounced differently in spanish haha).




The name Mundungus Fletcher from the Harry Potter series is wonderful to me.

Mark Hanson

When I was young, I had a classmate named Richard Dick. I can imagine what his nickname was in high school.

And at college, the guy rooming next door to me was Richard Trebilcock ("Triple Dick"). He even posted that nickname on his door.

Paul Lampe

My ex-father-in-law is named Richard Hunt. He goes by 'Dick.'


if i remember it correctly, your earlier findings found no difference in whether someone has a strange name. here's some research that contradicts that proposition:


This isn't first hand. A friend has several times mentiooned the following story. He once met a woman who's childrens names were Male and Female, pronounced MA (like Yo Yo MA) LE (like a Hawaiin Lei) and FE (like the fe sound in felt) MA (like Yo Yo Ma) Le (Like a Hawaiin Lei. My friend asked the woman how she came up with the names. She said that she didn't come up with them. They were already prenamed on the birth certificate application next to the section stating the baby's gender. Gender: Male...Gender: Female.

Caleb b

my in-laws are teachers

L-A. (pronounced La-DASH-uh)
Nosmoking (pronounced Nos-MOCK-ing)
Orangejello (pronounced Or-RON-gell-O)
Lemonjello (pronounced Lem-MON-gell-O)
Demon Seed

And in Tulsa there is a Dr. Safety First. Word is his sister's name is Ladies.


YES! Start one! I've heard a few doozies, like LaMajesty and Priest Kabriel.


I've always favored New York financier Preserved Fish:


Stephen, you ought to check out:


My brother-in-law, who teaches high school history, told me that he has a student named "La - a" pronounced, "La dash uh." The most unfortunate name I've ever encountered was a woman who preferred to be called "Gina," though her legal given name was "Vagina," intended by her mother to be pronounced "Vuh jee nuh."


Have a friend named Heathen. His brother's name is Christian.

Denise Gentry

I have a classmate named- Vendetta.


My aunt gave her youngest daughter our grandmothers name as a middle name, however she added an A. My cousins middle name is Irisa ... :( Poor kid. I also know a Sam Samuelson and a Richard Richardson... why would you do this???